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To disambiguate or not to disambiguate[edit]

I have read the disambiguation guidelines, and I am still uncertain what to do about this one. I don't think it's a problem right now, but possibly in two, five, twenty years it might be. So to future-proof it, I can see three ways to do this:

  • As I have done it now. The (better-known, I believe, and certainly older) novel having the main "the silver branch" (henceforth TSB in this comment!), and mentions of a later book and a likely source for the name.
  • TSB page covering any and all silver branches. Chronologically, Bran's would come first, then this one, then the Kennealy book. Doubtless there are or will be more.
  • disambiguation page for TSB, with then the contents of this page about Sutcliff's book at "TSB (Sutcliff novel)". I think this is a bit of a silly option because there are no articles on the other silver branches. There is no article on Ms Keannealy herself yet, even, let alone her books, although she has been a red wikilink for quite some time; and I think there is little to say about Bran's silver branch beyond what is said in the Voyage of Bran page, so it would turn into one of those two-sentence wiki articles which have little potential for expansion.

Or you can list this on VfD, of course, which is a fourth approach but one which I hope no-one takes!

Telsa 16:36, 27 May 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]