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Dude. I got a barnstar for uploading a ridiculous number of photos of obscure French statesmen. How crazy is that?

Awarded for adding dozens of great portraits to otherwise dry articles


The Wikipedia kicks ass. If you want any help writing, finding pictures for, or researching an article, I'd definitely like to collaborate. I particularly like pictures on the Wikipedia; with plentiful, quality pictures added to good prose any article can be a pleasure to read.

My interests:

My historical interests are primarily since 1500-ish. But I have not yet found any area of history uninteresting when I've taken the time to look at it.
  • Modern politics (at any level)
  • Economics (at any level)

My Contributions, listed mainly (read: solely) for my personal vanity. And for curious passers-by who want to vex themselves at some kind of pattern.

Things I have not finished and may and ought to get back to[edit]

  • Habsburg Spain should be bigger. It should be several articles instead of just one.
  • Enlightenment Spain needs more stuff. I'm happy with the political content, but our colleagues on the Spanish wikipedia at La Ilustración en España have made a good article with lots of other information about the period. We've got to mention Domenico Scarlatti.
  • Add pictures to History of Spain

Things people should work on[edit]

(This is kinda my list of things that I might eventually get to myself, but, if you're out and somehow stumbled here, then please, take a look at the following pages and see about adding to/creating them.)

The Most Peculiar Irony of British History[edit]

Now, last I checked, this is an English wikipedia.

Yet the British History (particularly English history) section of the English wikipedia is lacking. There are, as I can identify, the following pieces:

The part that I am interested in working on is mainly during and after the Hundred Years' War. Thus: